Wild swimming is proven to boost dopamine levels and increase overall happiness.   


Despite this, according to Swim England, 95% of Black adults and 80% of Black children in England do not swim.   


Only 1% of registered competitive swimmers identify as Black or mixed race.   


As of 2021, only two Black swimmers have ever represented Great Britain - both of them are men. In June 2021, Alice Dearing made history by qualifying to become the first Black woman ever to represent Great Britain.   

We are thrilled to be presenting Fifty-Four Days in partnership with Soul Cap. 

SOUL CAP are an inclusive swim brand on a mission to make #SwimForAll. Since launching their swim caps designed for thick and voluminous hair in 2017, they have helped thousands of swimmers find their fit and love for the water. SOUL CAP have now become strong advocates for a change in aquatics, from dismantling the stereotype that Black people don’t swim to addressing areas of accessibility to the water, such as neurodiverse conditions, body image, financial accessibility and mental health.

Soul Cap's ongoing mission to improve inclusivity and diversity in aquatics is making waves and showing that there is a space for everyone in the swimming world. Black people do swim and we are overjoyed to be working with Soul Cap to challenge the narrative that we don’t.


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