We really want to change the types of films we see but also the way that films get made. Crews need to be more diverse and a range of voices need to be heard. We will be incorporating a trainee scheme to give people from underrepresented backgrounds their first steps into the industry, giving them valuable experience and a chance to get a foot in the door.


We also pride ourselves on being the the first production ever to have a dedicated mental health and wellbeing co-ordinator attached to the film and on set every day. This is part of our absolute dedication to overhauling the way we see mental health in the media - and particularly Black mental health - and also the way we treat it behind the scenes.


In addition to creating a budget that fairly honours the work of the entire team, on and off-screen, we will be making a short Behind The Scenes series that focuses on making the film as a whole, so that others will be able to follow in our footsteps and so that we can provide advice to those who want to get into film or just learn more about the experience.


We are putting in place these initiatives to become a model of what exemplary diversity within a production setup looks like.